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Acceptance of payments with payment cards. The perfect solution for PSP, companies of aggregating payments and for e‑commerce.

  • we store customer cards in the secure PCI DSS environment
  • we provide the possibility to modify in order to fit individual needs
  • we offer the API ready for implementation
  • we keep settlements in a currency convenient for you
  • we work in the B2B model – we are not a competition for your company
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Transfers from the cash or an account to the card is an offer for banks, loan and insurance companies and international agencies.

  • transfers to the card as a great alternative for SWIFT
  • the possibility of send money halfway around the world in 30 seconds
  • we offer transfers in 182 currencies
  • flexible commissions shaped fully by you
  • profit on FX: 1-2 %
  • settlement account in any currency
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Transfers from card to card

Transfers from card to card as a faster and convenient alternative to ordinary transfers dedicated to owners of applications and websites.

  • fast implementation model
  • you do not need additional licenses and permits - we provide the full service
  • profit on FX: 1-2 %
  • flixible commissions shaped fully by you
  • check us - test environment for 0 EUR
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Our strengths

  • 8 markets

    Our service is already present on 8 European markets.

  • Transactions 7 days a week

    The transaction service is available 7 days during the week.

  • 182 currencies

    Our systems support 182 currencies, according to the ISO 4217 standard.

  • Support 24/7

    Our support is at your disposal 24 hours a day for 7 days during the week.

  • Security

    All our activities are compliant with the PCI DSS security standard.

  • Transfers in 30 seconds

    Transfer from card to card is a fast and convenient alternative to standard transfers.

The money transfer from card to card is a complementary product in uPaid wallet offer. Our users enjoy using this option on their smartphones, especially for foreign transactions. The transfer is made immediately at competitive rates.

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Our partners

  • Mastercard
  • uPaid
  • Telenor
  • PaySend service

Check how transfers from card to card work