Here you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions related to Fenige system

What is Fenige?

Fenige is a service allowing transfers initiated from the payment card to another payment card.

In what situations I can use Fenige?

Practically, whenever you want to transfer money. For example, you may want to top up your spouse’s account, who is doing shopping, a child, if he/ she has spent all money in the summer camp or you dine with your friends and want to give the money back. You can use Fenige any time and anywhere- just using the application in your mobile phone or the Internet Service. You can make your payment in the country and abroad. Transactions to most financial institutions, to most payment cards are made within few days and to some banks within maximum 2 days.

What is Masterpass?

It is an open, international, mobile and internet payment system, which can be used by users of any payment card, in any bank. The system allows payment by any card, which is recorded in the chosen electronic wallet belonging to the service. The user may log into a particular wallet by providing telephone number or e-mail address. When you register in Fenige service, you may use Masterpass payments around the world. Just click Mastepass logo, log into your Wallet and your payment is done!

What is the role of uPaid and Fenige?

Fenige has rights of the Payment Services Office and has cooperation contracts with settlement agents. It can be an intermediary institution between the bank acquired merchant and the card Issuer (or its payment organization). The settlement agent authorizes, it is confirms, that the person using a particular card is authorized to make payment (e.g. he has sufficient funds in his account), and also to settle and process the transaction.

uPaid processes Mastepass payment; as a company having PCI DSS uPaid allows to remember the number of the payment card and the telephone number, which is combined to it.


How can I make a transfer?

A transfer can be made via www.fenige.pl.

Do I have to have an account in Masterpass to make a transfer?

No – you can make a transfer not having such account. If you have an account, you can use the service more often and transfer higher amounts.

Which data of the recipient do I have to provide?

Just provide name and the number of his payment card. Then we will make the transfer to the card indicated by you.


Does Fenige store my personal data?

No – Fenige service does not store nor personal data nor sensitive data (card number, card expiry date, CVV2/CVC2 code). All these data are deleted from the memory and disk of the system after the transaction is done.

How do I confirm the transaction?

Code CVV2/CVC2 or 3DS code is required to validate the transaction. Payments are made in the same manner as payments by card in the Internet.

What are transaction limits?

In order to increase safety, we introduced transaction limits, specifying how many transactions and in what amounts you can make. Eg. the daily quantitative limit specifies maximum number of transactions, which you can make per one day, and the monthly quality limit specifies maximal amount of transactions, which you can make in one month.

Can I increase my transaction limits?

Yes – you can register in Mastepass and verify your card. Registered and verified users have higher transaction limits.