Fenige uses advanced systems, which protect your money

Each transaction confirmed with 3DS or CVC/CVV2 code

Transaction in Fenige service are secured in the same manner as other payment card transactions in the Internet. According to rules of payments in mobile devices and in the Internet, each transaction is verified by the owner of the card by entering CVC2/CVV2 code.

Users, whose cards are enhanced with additional 3DS code, additionally enter authorisation code, which is provided by the bank (usually via SMS).

Compliance with PCI DSS regulations

Fenige system operates in accordance with requirements of Mastercard and VISA organizations and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. All data stored in the system are protected by special certificates and security procedures. We use the best electronic transactions security policies, and several partners and thousands of clients trust us.


Registration in Wallet Masterpass allows you to avoid entering card data for any transaction and additionally increases security level.

Registration gives you:

  • higher transaction limits (option to use our services more frequently and make transfers in higher amounts)
  • option to use only the telephone number (without the need to enter each time a payment card number)
  • option to use other than Fenige services of Masterpass system

Connections protected by SSL certificate

To ensure the security of transmitted data, Fenige uses encrypted connections (HTTPS). The SSL certificate guarantees the security of data confidentiality and the entire communication between the user and the server. This is confirmed by the address beginning with “https://” and the padlock icon displayed next to the address. The Fenige website is accessible only via a secure encrypted HTTPS connection.